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Protokoll der AStA-Sitzung vom






Yasamin Zamani


Philipp Winzker

I. Anwesenheit und Feststellung der Beschlussfähigkeit

Anwesende Mitglieder des AStA

  • alle sind anwesend



Der AStA ist mit 10 von 10 Mitgliedern beschlussfähig.

II. Genehmigung der Protokolle


Der AStA beschließt das Protokoll vom 10.07.2019 mit den genannten Änderungen.


IV. Berichte

Yasamin Zamani
  • Ersti Party Planung 
  • Schichtplanen + TO DO Liste fur Ersti-Party ausgedruckt und im Cloud hochgeladen
Lars Schuch
  • Had a meeting with Veronika Amrhein and Christian Kuntner about the situation of cafe chaos after September
  • Online banking
  • Meeting with Sparkasse
  • Daily office workload 
Julia Pausch
  • Daily office workload 
  • Gave an office tour to the new AStA Referentin 
  • AStA protocols
Nicolas Weyel
  • Welcomed and informed visitors from AStA Marburg about our Semesterticket system along with Christian Kuntner and Marcel Jordan  
  • Attended the Senat meeting
  • Daily office workload 
Veronika Amrhein
  • Was in the Hochschul Entwicklung Meeting with the president of the university
  • Contacted to the previous cafe chaos manager
  • Contacted with PG department about having the Introduction of AStA in Ersti-Woche
  • text for the Stellungnahme for Hochschulgruppe geschrieben
  • Had a meeting with Lars Schuch  and Christian Kuntner about the situation of cafe chaos after September
  • Meeting with Sparkasse
  • Mail Contact with Blutspendeand then had a meeting with them, Leonie Petersen and Christian Kuntner
Viktoria Stubbe
  • Contacted the Exam Committee about the exam regarding of the modules
  • Uploaded get-to-know-AStA picture in Instagram
  • Worked on the description of AStA in our website
  • Took back the beer banks from academy minis
  • Handled/Helped the situation of students related to the Security and GM in Mensa
  • contact to a new participant for the planned "refugee" discussion 
Christian Dechant
  • Edited documents in confluence
  • Set Confluence profile user pass for Leonie Petersen
  • Worked on Wohnbörse and server about intern problems
Philipp Winzker
  • worked on Protokoll Schulung
  • Daily office workload 
  • Attended the Senat meeting
  • Meeting with the sustainability team about the Nachhaltigkeitswoche (Sustainability week)
  • Meeting with the newly stablished working group Umwelt and Klimaschutz, about potentials and possible events
  • Meeting with Veronika Amrhein and Christian Kuntner about Blutspende 
  • Booked halle8 for Blutspende Event
  • Talked to Viktoria Stubbeabout the financials of buying a transportation bike

V. Festlegung der endgültigen Tagesordnung

TOP 1: Ersti Woche
TOP 2: Sitzungsprotokolle
TOP 3: Ersti-Party
TOP 4: Widerspruch

TOP 1: Ersti Woche

Nicolas Weyel and Leonie Petersen will plan the new fabric/texture of the ersti-tuten, where to print and prepare them.

AStA will start packing the Ersti-tuten in Samstag before the week.

Airdome will be there from Montag to Mittwoch.

Cakes and Coffee and Tea is gonna be in the Airdome.

Schichtplan will be organized through doodle.
Julia Pausch suggests that we can have some cool games and tennis table in the Airdome.

Alexej Baran takes responsibility for the ordering of the new Condomes in the ersti-tuten.

 Julia Pauschsuggests that rather than so many advertisement and flyers in the ersti-tuten, there should be more usable objects.

Nicolas Weyel is gonna contact Sparkasse about the Sponsorship for Ersti-tuten.

AStA is going to order 2000 ersti-tuten instead of 1500.
Viktoria Stubbe suggests that even if the sponsors pay money we can buy useful objects and put it in the ersti-tuten ourselves.

TOP 2: Sitzungsprotokolle

Philipp Winzker says it is gonna be good to have the bilingual protocol. Lars Schuch asks about the website. Viktoria Stubbe : why not everyone writes the protocol in english too.  Veronika Amrhein finds it good but it gonna take so much time. 
Nils Löffler suggest that we should have a plan and everyone has a turn every week. 

AStA gonna try that everyone writes his/her protocol in english too. 

Yasamin Zamani says we have to translate the website first then the protocol. Christian Dechant says he should first fix the technical problems in the website and then we can do the translation together. He claims that there are so many problems in the website.

Christian Dechant  and Yasamin Zamani  do the translation of the AStA website in lecture free time. 

Viktoria Stubbe  asks if the social media feed should also be translated and AStA says that yes almost every post can be translated. 

TOP 3: Ersti Party

Yasamin Zamani  shows the Schichtplan and every Asta Referenten takes a responsibility of the party plus ask/search for helpers for the party.

Veronika Amrhein says chaos will be doing party like always. 

Nicolas Weyel says tickets can be sold in AStA Airdome on the Mittwoch before the party.
Philipp Winzker takes responsibility for designing the tickets and posters.
Alexej Baran takes care of the DJ search/booking. 

TOP 4: Widerspruch


Der AStA beschließt, den Widerspruch mit dem Aktenzeichen ST-1-942996 vom 11.04.2019 zurückzuweisen; der Ablehnungsbescheid vom 11.04.2019 bleibt bestandskräftig; die Härtefallstelle wird aufgefordert einen Widerspruchsbescheid zu erlassen. 


TOP X: Verschiedenes

Campus Security: 
In the hoschluentwicklung meeting is been said that the University does not want to have security because it's not a good picture. Leonie Petersen says that we should have clear protocol and strategies that what anyone should and can do in such cases. We should know where to go, whom to talk to. No one takes the responsibility. Viktoria Stubbe says we need a person to go to in these situations. Viktoria Stubbe takes the responsibility for this topic and will try to make it happen that everyone in the university has someone responsible to talk to in these situation.

VI. Aufgaben


Die nächste Sitzung findet statt am um  im Gebäude 50 (J) 1. Stock

Sitzungsleitung übernimmt

Protokoll verfasst Nicolas Weyel